Adult Education Program

The Adult Education (AE) Program offers a variety of class options including Career Pathways, Ready to Work, ESL, High School Diploma Option, and GED preparation free to the citizens of our service area. Career Pathways classes currently consist of Building Construction and Office Administration. The Ready to Work class is offered each semester on the Fairhope and Atmore campuses. For students wanting to learn English as their section language, ESL classes are offered in Baldwin and Escambia Counties. The GED Preparation classes are designed for adults age 16 and older who were not able to complete high school. The class helps prepare individuals for the GED test by improving their basic reading, language, and math skills. Adults age 19 or older may qualify for the the Alabama High School Diploma Option course that is also offered through the AE program. All materials needed for AE Program classes will be provided free to all enrolled learners. Individuals interested in enrolling in AE classes may contact the Adult Education Office at Coastal Alabama Community College at 1-251-580-2105. GED classes operate on an open-enrollment basis; therefore, a participant may register at any time by simply attending the class and notifying the instructor. Other class options will require pre-enrollment. Classes are offered at more than 30 locations in the service area. Refer to the College’s website for the most current locations and times.

In keeping with the mission of the Alabama Community College System, applicants with less than a high school diploma or GED may be admitted to courses not creditable toward an associate degree or programs comprised exclusively of courses not creditable toward an associate degree, provided that he/she meets all criteria listed below:

  • Students must be co-enrolled in the Adult Education Program and a program of study. The chosen program of study must be defined as an eligible career pathway under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and by federal Pell Grant Ability to Benefit criteria.

The College may establish higher or additional admission requirements for a specific program or service when student enrollment must be limited or to assure ability-to-benefit.