Campus Programs on Security, Safety, and Alcohol/Drug Education

The College has an awareness campaign designed to encourage all members of the College community to avoid involvement with alcohol and/or illegal drugs. Education programs in New Student Orientation, video presentations, and other special presentations:

  1. Provide current, accurate information on health risks;
  2. Provide accurate information on symptoms of illegal drug/alcohol abuse;
  3. Promote an institutional climate that discourages the use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol;
  4. Provide information on treatment centers and community agencies for referral;
  5. Provide in-house counseling for those with alcohol/drug problems;
  6. Provide accurate information concerning local, state, and federal laws dealing with the use of illegal drugs and alcohol; and,
  7. Provide a clear explanation of Coastal Alabama Community College’s policy on the use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs and including College disciplinary procedures.