Challenging the Contents of the Record

If, after inspecting his or her record, a student wishes an explanation or to challenge any part of the contents of such record, then the student shall submit a written request for a hearing in the same manner and under the same procedures as provided within the preceding paragraph titled Location of Records. The deadline for challenging an educational record will be three calendar years from the term in question.

The request for hearing should identify the item or items in the file to be challenged and state the grounds for the challenge, e.g., inaccuracy, misleading nature, inappropriateness, etc. The records official shall examine the contested item, shall hear the person responsible for placing the item in the file if appropriate and possible, and shall examine any documents or hear any testimony the student wishes to present. The records official may decide that the contested item should be retained or that it should be deleted or revised or he may refer the matter to the hearing officer who shall set a hearing within 10 days thereafter for final decision. In the event any part of the challenged item is retained, the student shall be allowed to place a written explanation thereof in the file. A written decision shall be delivered or mailed to the student within 10 days from the date such hearing is concluded, either by the records official or the hearing officer.