Definition of Education Records

Student educational records are defined as those records, files, documents and other materials which contain information directly related to a student and are maintained by the College or by a person acting for the College. Specifically excluded from the definition of “educational records” and not open to student inspection are the following materials:

  1. Records of instructional, supervisory and administrative personnel which are in the sole possession of the maker and accessible only to the maker or a designated assistant to the maker;
  2. Records of campus security, except in those instances where they have been transmitted within the College for administrative purposes;
  3. Records which are created or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or other recognized professional or para-professional acting in a professional or para-professional capacity or assisting in that capacity and which are created, maintained or used only in connection with the provision of treatment to the student and are not available to anyone other than persons providing such treatment or who could not be involved officially within the College, but such records are available to a physician or appropriate professional of the student’s choice.