Location of Records

The College has designated the following offices as responsible for student records within their respective areas of responsibility:

  1. Instructional Affairs Office
  2. Student Services Office
  3. Business Office
  4. Financial Aid Office

The administrators in the aforementioned offices shall hereinafter be referred to as “records officials.” Each official is responsible for maintaining a listing of student records within such records official’s area of responsibility, which listing shall indicate the location and general content of the records. Any student request concerning his or her records or files, including requests that information not be disclosed to the public, requests for disclosure to third parties, and requests for access by the student shall be directed to the appropriate records official. Forms for all such requests may be obtained from these officials. The appropriate records official will also attempt to resolve any challenges to the records at an informal hearing with the student and, if an agreeable solution is not reached, the records official will refer the student and his challenge to the Dean of Student Services, who shall set a hearing within 10 days thereafter for final decision.