Minors on Campus

As an institution of higher education, Coastal Alabama Community College provides educational and support services to our students. Minors not enrolled as Coastal Alabama Community College students or participating in sanctioned Coastal Alabama Community College activities, which are without supervision of a parent or adult caregiver, may disrupt the educational process or work setting, and possibly create a safety hazard for the minors themselves or for others on the College campus. Please be aware that our facilities are open to the public, a situation that can present risks to minors. The safety and security of the minors are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver when those minors are on the campus. The College cannot assume responsibility for the safety of minors left unattended nor can the College act as a babysitter or protector of the minors. Through the following procedures, the College seeks to create a safe environment, which is conducive to and supportive of the learning process.

Procedural Guidelines:

  1. No employee, student or visitor should bring minors not enrolled as Coastal Alabama Community College students or participating in College sanctioned events to class or leave a minor unattended at the College.
  2. Unattended minors not enrolled in classes or participating in college sanctioned events on any campus may be referred to Campus Police for assistance or to the Department of Human Resources.
  3. This procedure pertains to all employees, students, and visitors (including vendors) who attend classes, programs, events, or other activities on the campuses of Coastal Alabama Community College.