Parking and Driving Regulations


Any student who drives a car or a motorized vehicle on the campus, day or night, must abide by state laws and must secure a parking decal online during the first two weeks of the semester. These decals must be affixed to the left side of the rear window of the student’s car. All students must abide by the following regulations.


  1. Speed limit will not exceed 15 m.p.h. on campus.
  2. The registered driver is responsible for his automobile regardless of who is driving.
  3. Visitors to the campus, including students who drive an unregistered car on a temporary basis, must obtain a visitor’s parking permit from the College Police Office or the administrative office of the respective campus.
  4. The College reserves the right to deny, for cause, any person the privilege of operating and/or parking a motor vehicle on the campus.
  5. The College assumes no responsibility for losses from fire, theft, or from any other cause when cars are parked on the campus.
  6. City and State regulations and rules, and all directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles, must be observed at all times.
  7. Spaces for persons with disabilities are for the exclusive use of qualified permit holders and visitors with disabilities. Permits for persons with disabilities are good in any legal parking space.
  8. Parking is prohibited except in marked spaces. Parking spaces are marked by painted lines or specific signs.
  9. Parking on the grass, on sidewalks, or blocking sidewalks is prohibited.
  10. Double parking is prohibited. Double parking is parking across the line, either to the side or the back or front of the vehicle.
  11. The registered driver of a vehicle is responsible for all citations issued to the vehicle.
  12. Decals are registered to individual vehicles and shall not be transferred to other vehicles.
  13. The College reserves the right, after a reasonable attempt is made to contact the owner(s), or notice has been posted, to remove and impound illegally parked or abandoned vehicles; any vehicle found on campus without a decal, with an unauthorized or altered decal, or with no license plate; or any vehicle parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard to other vehicles or pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment. The owner(s) shall thereafter be responsible for any costs involved in removing, impounding and storing of such vehicle. The College shall not be liable for any damage to such vehicle occurring during removal or impoundment.

Violations and Fines

All traffic fines are paid and/or appealed online through the Coastal Alabama Community College website under the Student>Safety section. All fines are doubled if not paid within 30 days from the date shown on the ticket. Appeals made after 5 days will not be considered. The following schedule of penalties will be applied to violators of these parking regulations.

$25 Fines:

  • No Decal
  • Decal improperly displayed
  • Unauthorized parking in visitor areas
  • Improper parking
  • No parking zone
  • Stop Sign violation
  • Smoking violation
  • Unauthorized parking in Faculty/Staff parking areas
  • Excessive noise from vehicle (city and campus noise violation)
  • Unauthorized parking in Administration Only/Authorized College Vehicle parking areas

Fines for other violations:

  • Reckless driving and/or speeding – $25.00 minimum
  • Unauthorized parking in handicap areas – $100.00

Vehicles violating parking regulations may be wheel locked or towed away. Wheel locking fee is $50.00 plus cost of fine. Towing cost will be assessed by wrecker service.