Security of College Facilities

The College Police Department provides continuous year-round security and enforcement to the College community. Regular patrol is provided with access to municipal emergency services. College Police Officers are certified by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission and are sworn with all of the powers of a peace officer of Alabama. The College Police work in close cooperation with other local law enforcement agencies. College Police can be contacted by calling 251-580-2222, or 911. Whether one is a victim or a witness, one should report a crime or suspicious activity or any other emergency on campus. It is important to provide the following information when calling:

  • Name;
  • Location of the incident;
  • A description of the individual or any vehicles involved in the incident, especially a license plate number.

Outdoor lighting is a priority for campus safety/security. The College has attempted to insure that all areas of the campus are well-lighted, especially around the residence halls and areas frequently traveled by students. Additional and improved lighting is continuously being added to enhance the security of students. The College Police officers make regular “lights out” reports of all street, sidewalk and parking lot lights, to insure speedy light replacement. Students and staff members are encouraged to report any areas that they feel need additional lighting or lights that need replacing. After dark, individuals are encouraged not to go out alone.