Student Identification Cards

The student identification card is required for admission to campus athletic events, concerts, enrichment programs, and other campus activities. The Coastal Alabama Community College student photo ID is also required to check out books in all of the College's Library/Learning Resources Centers.

Students who need a student identification card should email using your official Coastal Alabama student e-mail address and providing the following information:

  • Home campus & student ID in the "Subject" line of the email: For example, Gilbertown - Student ID
  • Name
  • Student A#
  • Home Campus
  • Degree or Major
  • Mailing Address (please include City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Legal photo ID (Drivers license, government ID, etc.)
  • High-quality picture to be used for your student ID. Please note: The photo should be taken in front of a solid light-colored background such as a blank wall. Car selfies or photos with sunglasses, hats, or masks will not be accepted. 

The following regulations apply to the photo ID card system:
1. Students are to carry their cards at all times on and off campus and present the cards for identification when requested by College officials. Student photo ID cards are made for personal use only.
2. Loss or theft of cards should be reported to the Office of Student Services and/or Campus Director’s Office.
3. Only students with valid photo ID cards are admitted to College activities.
4. Allowing anyone else to use their photo ID card is considered misuse and may result in disciplinary action.
5. Replacement fee will be charged for lost ID cards.